The Island of Misfit Toys

The Island of Misfit Toys.


“friends” true or false that best “friends” exist? >< i don't think so

ok so many people could call best friend to anybody. but when you really need of your best friend that person is not with you, i say so because it happened to me. i do was in a seriously problem and did called my friend because i was needing his/her help that “Best Friend” that i used to call, never answer his’her phone. so that is a shame, so now i do believe that best friend do not exist. i hope that many people could be agree with me. if somebody have best friend make sure that is a really but really best friend. good luck to those people that have friends.

oh my gosh i am so tired of being waking up so early to study my lab book. but finally i am about to finish the course.  i am happy because today after my test 3 i got 84 but i was upset of the questions was not easy. but its ok


life is amazing, and I’m enjoying every single moments, and I say to the word that I love it, and to the people whom I care or part of my  life.